Sunny Business

Solar panels in the nature

The Spanish company INGETEAM finds the perfect solution for their solar modules with HELUKABEL's five standard cable. (© Ingeteam / Jeff Engel)

INGETEAM, a spanish company, is a market leader in the development of motors, generators, frequency converters and power generation plants. The company’s second largest productionsite in Milwaukee, WI, USA, focuses on manufacturing inverters for the solar and wind energy sector. These inverters transform the DC voltage from solar panels into AC voltage so that the energy produced can be supplied to the power grid. When looking for a tough and internationally certified cable, Ingeteam came across HELUKABEL’s FIVENORM hook-up wire. Not only is this cable flexible and temperature-resistant, it also meets VDE, HAR, UL, CSA and EAC norms as well as all required standards. Ingeteam Inc. Supply Chain Manager Jeff Engel, said, “We tested the cable thoroughly and were satisfied with the quality. The products availability also won us over.” Currently, Ingeteam installs HELUKABEL’s FIVENORM in its UL-certified solar panel inverters that are located all around the world.

Wiring in the control cabinet
Solar farms using inverters produced by Spanish-based Ingeteam, are fitted with HELUKABEL’s FIVENORM hook-up wires. (© Ingeteam / Jeff Engel)