Stunning Light Spectacle

Close-up of light wall with different colours

(©Goethe-Gymnasium Regensburg)

The Goethe Grammar School in Regensburg, Bavaria, recently came up with an absolute eye-catcher: a 1.70 x 1.00-metre (5.58 x 3.28-foot)-high wall with 5,184 LEDs that conjures impressive projections and light effects. The wall was planned and built by students Daniel Taciak (19) and Christoph Kiener (18). Their physics teacher Harald Tietz was in charge of the project.
The students first purchased 87 metres (285 feet) of LED strips for the wall. Kiener explains: “At maximum brightness, power consumption is approximately 311 amps, which meant we had size the power cables accordingly. You can't just get things like that from the near-est electrical retailer. So we did some research and came across HELUKABEL.” The Hemmingen/Stuttgart-based company supported the project and supplied a variety of power and data cables. These cables connect the LEDs to the control boards, which in turn can be controlled by a networked PC. With the aid of special software, images, videos, and lighting effects can be displayed on the wall. The three project members are proud of their work and “The LED wall was a big hit at our open day, and it certainly wasn’t the last time we’ll be using it,” said Kiener with delight.
Two pupils and their teacher in front of the LED wall
HELUKABEL supports construction of the LED wall of the Goethe-Gymnasium in Regensburg. (©Goethe-Gymnasium Regensburg)